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Aspirational Education Associates is committed to raising the achievement and attainment of all young people.

We believe that to be successful learners all children need to be experts in learning, including being resourceful, resilient, independent and having good communication skills. Our consultants have a wide range of expertise and passion for ensuring that all pupils develop these crucial skills.

Our associates are experienced in all areas of inclusion and school improvement including:

  • improving teaching to enable all pupils to learn well and particularly those that have the potential to achieve highly
  • improving leadership and management at all levels
  • meeting the needs of all pupils in an inclusive classroom including that of more able learners and those with special educational needs
  • child protection and safeguarding

We can supply expertise and training in:

  • effective lesson observation that is both supportive and developmental
  • developing self-reliant and resourceful learners through effective group work and being experts in learning
  • enriching the teaching and learning experience through improved differentiation and questioning
  • developing effective marking and feedback as tools to move learning forward and improve the quality of teaching
  • safeguarding audits
  • governor training to ensure that they can provide appropriate levels of challenge and support
  • coaching and support for leads for more able learners, SENcos and inclusion mangers
  • reviews of provision for more able learners and those with special educational needs.

If you require support with developing any of the above in your school then explore our website to discover how AEA can work with you and your staff.

AEA consultants always start from the individual schools perspective and then work in collaboration towards improved solutions.

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