Provision for More Able Pupils - Our Services - What can AEA do for your school?

Our consultants can:

  • Carry out a review of your practice, policies and processes and develop with you an action plan of support detailing the necessary steps required to make your school more inclusive and successful for more able pupils. This might include bespoke training for the whole staff or groups of middle leader or senior leaders.
  • Enable your school to improve your internal consistency in providing for more able pupils through training a team of phase co-ordinators or subject specialists to work together to improve the curriculum offer whilst personalising learning and drawing on the capabilities of the more able.
  • Through professional discussions with you and your staff, together with a shared scrutiny of pupils' work, we can ascertain how well your school is doing with the following aspects - how well are pupils learning and making progress: what are the key strengths and weaknesses of marking and feedback; what impact is marking and feedback having on pupil's learning; what impact are pupils' attitudes to learning having on their progress and are policies being systematically and consistently applied?
  • Whole School Staff Training – In offering to provide training for the whole staff, we have a preference for arranging a prior meeting with whoever is responsible for the provision for the most able pupils in that school. This is to ensure that colleagues can intervene in ways that take on board the current skills and expertise of all staff thus building on what the school already does well. Training topics include: Differentiation: Group Work; Developing Expert Learners; Questioning; Marking and Feedback, etc....
  • Training School-based Able, Gifted & Talented Co-ordinator/Leading Teachers/Inclusion Managers– This package draws on the creative ways in which different schools are evolving their identification of and provision for their most able pupils through high quality teaching and learning and how they are managing the necessary features of their curriculum and liaison with parents and the wider community in inclusive ways, which can lead to their completion of the NACE Challenge Award and/or their designation by Ofsted as outstanding schools.
  • Supporting schools in improving provision for more able pupils through the achievement of the NACE Challenge Award – The award is a self-evaluation and school improvement framework which has raising attainment of more able pupils at its’ heart. AEA Consultants are accredited NACE Assessors and are well placed in supporting schools in being successful in achieving the award.
  • Training for Newly Qualified Teachers, Parents, Carers, Teaching Assistants, Learning Mentors and Governors on Gifted and Talented Education – The programme includes looking at: identification; pedagogy; recent research; classroom strategies; responsibilities, etc. We can design particular resources and courses to and we can be available to support individual schools in catering for them.

As well as having expertise in provision for more able pupils AEA consultants can:

  • Support schools in the development of their provision for pupils with English as an Additional Language – There is evidence that young people who grow up using more than one language and who develop their literacy in both languages are well-placed to achieve high standards, given time and the correct forms of support. Supporting schools in exploring possibilities for establishing stronger partnerships with supplementary after-school language providers, and for writing joint bids for funding, with a view to raising standards across the multilingual populations of local schools.
  • Carry out an internal audit of your systems, policies, process, etc with regards to all aspects of 'safeguarding' and 'child protection' and provide appropriate support and training to develop your practice in these important areas.